Pause And Listen

Bar Neiro is part of Analogue Foundation Berlin, an initiative promoting analogue culture from Japanese audio equipment company Audio-Technica.
Analogue Foundation supports the local music community through activities at its high-end recording studio, Brewery Studios, and production suites in Berlin. Bar Neiro is a sister space to the studios, and is likewise intended as a place for like-minded, good-hearted people to connect through shared music experiences.


Customised Garrard 301 turntables with SPH bearing and A23 Hommage platter mat Schick 12″ tone arm Audio-Technica AT-ART1000 MC cartridge Audio-Technica VM 750 SH MM cartridge Shindo Cortese 300b power amp with WE300b tubes Shindo Monbrison preamp Altec A5 speakers: Western Electric 825 cabinets Altec 515b woofers Altec 1505b horns Altec 288c compression drivers Fostex T90A  All speaker cables and interconnects by Auditorium23